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To my Halifax neighbor,

Hello my name is Hal Prescott, and I founded Synergy Security for one simple reason.

Too many security systems are improperly installed, over priced, and full of ineffective equipment.

Almost every security system, even those sold by big name companies have a fundamental weakness - the phone line. You pay out a lot of money, get locked into a long-term contract, and think you 're safe. But, a burglar can destroy your alarm system 's communications in seconds with one snip. And when a burglar cuts your phone line, you 're defenseless. Synergy Security is the superior choice. Protect your family and property even if the phone line is cut, internet or power is down, or the security panel is damaged.

Synergy Security uses a wireless 3G cellular connection to communicate with the monitoring station. Criminals can 't cut it and that means your home or business stays safe. 24/7.

You deserve better. You deserve the best systems in the world at affordable prices. That 's what Synergy is all about.

H. Prescott

Hal Prescott
Founder &Chief Technician
Provincially Certified