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Automation makes your life more convenient than ever.

Super Simple & Eco-Friendly

Our home and business automation features let you think about less - while actually protecting the planet. From causing lights to go on and off based on time of day, to having your home temperature automatically change too, you can do it all right from our easy-to-use smart phone and web app.

Let’s say you get home at 7pm every day. Set the porch light to go on at 6:55pm. During winter, set the heat to start up at 6:30pm so your home is nice and warm when you arrive - without wasting energy by keeping it on all day. And that's only the beginning.

Remarkable Features

Energy Management

Your home or business uses energy in lots of ways. Two of the biggest are lights and heating / cooling. But what if your alarm system could cut down those costs for you? With Synergy Security, it can.

Adjust thermostats from your smart phone, or turn them off altogether. Dim your lights, brighten them, or turn them off at your discretion from anywhere on the planet. Or set it all to occur automatically. For instance, if you’ll be away from your home or business for an extended period of time - set the lights to go on at night to make it look like someone is actually there.

  • Control lights, heating & cooling from your phone.
  • Save energy, and save hassle.
Integrated Solutions

All of our security and automation features are connected and integrated together. And they all work together to make your life safer and easier, too. For example, rather than sorting through hours of video to find when someone entered your property - use our automation features to instantly send yourself a video clip the moment your front door is entered.

You can even tell the system to turn the lights on the moment you open the door. Locks, video capture, and more can be triggered by similar events. The best part is you don’t need to be a computer whiz to set it all up. If you’re pretty good with your smart phone - you can do it yourself with our intuitive app.

  • Make life easier and safer.
  • Manage everything yourself.
  • A smart phone or computer is all you need.
Smart Schedules

Do you go to bed at the same time every night? Set the lights in your house to turn off automatically at that time so you never forget. Do you get hot or cold during the night? You can even set your thermostat to adjust at specific hours so you sleep like a baby.

Never again worry about forgetful employees or family members who forget to lock doors and turn off lights. Just set your system to do these things for you when you know they’re leaving.

  • Schedule your lights, locks, and thermostats.
  • Do it all from your tablet, phone, or computer.
  • Enjoy a more stress-free life.

It doesn’t stop with smart schedules and integrated solutions. You can even trigger events at your home or business based on your location. By creating a “geo-fence” around your property, your system can detect when you’ve entered or left the zone, and react by turning lights on or off, adjusting your thermostat, and locking / unlocking your doors.

Don’t want to be video recorded while you’re home? Set video recording to disable the moment you arrive.

  • Get reminders based on where you are.
  • Trigger events automatically.
  • Experience convenience like never before.
Customized Triggers

So far we’ve covered how our systems automate your home or business based on schedules, and based on your location. Well, it doesn’t stop there. You can cause automation to occur at other times, too.

Trigger lights when your alarm goes off, or if a motion sensor detects activity. Cause your thermostat to automatically adjust when you set your alarm system for the night. Cause every door in your business or home to lock the moment you arm your system. Or cause your security system to arm when it detects that you’ve locked the door. And more.

  • Manage lights, locks, and security with ease.
  • Never again worry about saving energy.
  • Enjoy a more care-free way of life.

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